In the universe, there are two things that exist, one of them is matter, and the second one is energy, in which Reiki directly affects energy out of the two.

As a form of working with energy, Reiki has the capability to expand beyond most of traditional energy and healing modalities.

For many years, many forms of energy work have been put to use. The Chinese for instance have practiced acupuncture from as early as 400 BC, and mind and body techniques have been seen and used in Europe and North America since the 1700’s.

And as we all know, that when mentally we feel a lot better, we also physically do too, and a lot of this is because of the fact that this is due to our energy when we are happy and relaxed.

Reiki is very powerful because of the fact that it goes beyond the need for intension, but instead gives way the energy completely to the guidance of the universe.

It is very important for the Reiki Master to bless the practice as well as cleanse the practice space. Yet the energy itself can’t and won’t deluge the person receiving the treatment.

When the energy from Reiki starts to travel from the practitioners hands to the patient, it’s now up to the patient to receive that energy and open themselves up to this great potential to allow the energy to flow and do what it needs to do in order for the person receiving to continually aim for growth.

Reiki itself is a very intelligent energy and will certainly interact with other areas of the person that requires an extra push of life’s healing force.

It has been shown to be very effective in today’s world. Hospitals for example have also begun to implement Reiki practitioners into their medical system. Intentional energy healing has continued to be very effective.

As its a very flexible healing practice, Reiki is able to be a wonderful supplement to traditional medicine as it has been proven that Reiki has no side effects.

Reiki is truly a universal energy that wilfully flows in and throughout you, with a pure and true intention to help heal you in all the many different ways that you need.

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